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შეიძინეთ ავიაბილეთი სახლიდან გაუსვლელად. გადაიხადეთ ბილეთის ღირებულება ჩვენი პარტნიორი UniPAY.ge-ს მეშვეობით

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სიახლეები საწყისი სიახლეები

New, additional flights from Pegasus Airlines!

New, additional flights from Pegasus Airlines!

From february 18th, Pegasus Airlines will operate two more flights in a week.

Flights are scheduled for every Monday 03:50 and Thursday 06:50 (a.m.).


These new flights from Tbilisi are well connected to all Turkey directed flights, also with many European cities.


Additional flights give you more choice and lower prices.

Plan your trip and select the desired flight schedule through new flights.


You may book your tickets from now on! what are you waiting for?
call 2 40 00 40