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Information security policy

Present information security policy covers the security of information regarding GASA web-page (web page located at www.gasa.ge). 

Webpage provider, "Georgian Avia Service Agency" GASA (hereinafter referred to as "we") aims to secure your information online. Please read the present information policy whether to understand what kind of information we receive from you and how we use it.  Do not hesitate to contact as via contact@gasa.ge , if you have any additional questions regarding information policy. 

Please read the present information security policy carefully. By accessing our webpage, you acknowledge this information security policy and all conditions for accessing and using our webpage. If you do not agree with the conditions, please close the webpage and do not access or browse the same.

1. Changes in the information security policy

Any change in the information security policy will be published immediately on information security policy page and through any other means, which we think will provide you with the relevant updates regarding received materials and its usage (in duly contemplated cases). We reserve right to change present information security policy at any time. This, please keep checking it. If we propose important changes in the document, we shall notify you via e-mail or by placing the notification on our webpage. 

2. Type and usage of necessary information

We collect two types of information about our customers: personally identifying information  and general information.

Personally identifying information   - is the information identifying the specific customer. We may ask you to provide some specific information about you, when you participate in any activity of our webpage, such as the registration procedure, ordering of product or service with us or with our partners, sending of information and/or placing of any information on discussion board, participating in the competitions financed by us or our partners, participating in polls, commenting, sharing of views with us or with our partners, requesting of information on our service, sending of application on job position, uploading a video or registration for the special offers provided by the third parties via our web-page (jointly referred to as "identifying activities").  It is not obligatory to participate in identifying activities. Though, if you decide to participate in identifying activities, w may ask you to provide some specific personal information, such as your full name, e-mail, sex and DOB, including any other additional information, which is optional.

When you order the products or service, we may ask to present the number of your credit card, expiry date, authentication code or other relevant information. The later is not kept on our webpage, as the payment is accomplished on the security server of our partner bank. Thus, we have no access to your credit card information. Depending on your activity, some information could be obligatory and the other optional. If you do not provide obligatory information for the specific activity, you cannot participate in activity.   

We use personal identifying information for providing you with the products and service, to administer the competitions, increase the exploitation of the webpage, improve our marketing and advertising activity, analyze the usage of webpage, improve the offers of our products and services and your experience of communication with the third parties, pursuant to the third part of the present information security policy. For example, if you send e-mail to our customers' service section, we may use your comments and views for sharing the information about our service to others, including publishing your comment in our advertising materials or webpage.

Your comment may include personal information, such as your first name. In this case, we ask your permission before publicizing your comment with your name along. Also, if you use our webpage for sending information or product to other, we may keep your personal information.

We may also use your personal identifying information for the following reasons: correcting of discrepancy, solution of the dispute, accomplishment of administration functions, contacting you, execution of the agreement concluded between us (including conditions of webpage usage and information security policy), adhering to the relevant legislation and cooperation with the law enforcement authorities.    

General identifying information - is the information that doesn't identify specific customer. Such information may include circumstances, such as "Uniform Resource Locator" "URL" of the webpage you visited before visiting our webpage, URL of the webpage you will enter after visiting our webpage, type of the browser you use and IP address of your internet protocol.

We and/or our authorized third party providers and advertising entities are entitled to receive the information automatically when you are present on the webpage. This action is accomplished through the tools, such as "Cookies", "Web beacons", "Pixel Tags". Detailed information about the tools are given in 4th and 8th parts of the present information security policy.

We use general identifying information for the following aims: correcting of discrepancy, administration of webpage, analysis of tendencies, collecting of demographic information, adhering to the relevant legislation and cooperation with the law enforcement authorities.   

We may also provide information to our third party providers and advertising entities for allowing them to measure general efficiency of our online advertisements, information and programming.

3. Disclosing of personal identifying information

We do not disclose, sell, rent to or trade with other entities with your personal identifying information, except the cases given below:

We may deliver your information to our authorized third party service provider. We provide the service and products through the third parties. Third party service providers on our behalf accomplish different functions. Such functions include sending and spreading of our administrative and advertising e-mails. We may deliver your personal identifying information to these providers for allowing them to accomplish orders, send the packages, send e-mail and posts, administer the competitions, delete repeated information from the customers' list, analyze the database, to provide marketing support, to execute search results and links, to provide credit card payments, manage the webpage, correct discrepancies and serve the customers.  

We may also receive your personal information from those natural or legal entities, we are having business relations with and deliver this information to the service providers for accomplishing relevant administration functions. We may also deliver your information to our bank for allowing the bank to transfer the sums if necessary. We ask our partners and third party service providers to elaborate and publish own information security policy. Usage of your personal identifying information can be regulated only through the information security policy and is beyond our control. 

We may remarket with your information. Remarketing allows us to contact with our customers, based on your previous contacts with GASA webpage. We may hire the third party advertisement sellers for repeated sales. Thus, third party sellers, including Google may show up GASA advertisements on the internet. Third party sellers, including the GOOGLE uses cookies for the advertisement based on your previous access to GASA webpage. Parties can refuse to use cookies by GOOGLE through entering the relevant webpage, namely, http://www.google.com/privacy. This information applies only to repeated trade purposes and shall not be used for other reasons whatsoever.

We may deliver your information while transferring the business. As every business, we may also amalgamate or to be purchased by other entity. Thus, our legal successor shall receive all the information we have, including your personal identifying information. Notwithstanding this, present information security policy applies to the personal identifying information.  

We may disclose your information for your or others protection. We reserve right that we disclose your personal identifying information only pursuant to the legislation and when we deem it necessary for the protection of our rights and/or providing any court hearing, court decision/decree.  We also reserve the right to disclose your information for the following aims: adhering and accomplishment of the present information security policy; adhering and accomplishment of the webpage conditions; securing of the rights, ownership or security of webpage, its costumers and others.

4. Disclosing of general identifying information

We may trust or deliver general identifying information to our partners, branches and advertisers. For example, we may deliver united demographic information (containing personal identifying information), to the third party natural advertisers or third party legal advertisers, including other entities, pursuant to the regulations given below:

We use the third party advertising entities (advertisers) for placing the advertisement, your general identifying information on visiting various webpages by you, in order to present the advertisements of the products and serves via network tags, which could be interesting for you. Above said advertisers could be those advertising contacts, being the members of Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). If you wish to receive more information about NAI member organizations or refuse on target advertising made by any NAI member, please click here:  www.networkadvertising.org/consumer/opt_out.asp   .

We also use the third party service providers for supervising and analyzing the usage of general identifying information and general stats of our customers. Everything is directed for well and systematic management of our webpage and improvement of the quality.  We may publish the said information for advertising purposes or as a representative audience for our advertisers. Please consider that this is not personal identifying information, but only summing up of the activities of our customer. Such data is collected on our behalf, data belongs to us and We are using the same.

5. Updating and amending of the information

We consider it appropriate that you should have access and right to amend the personal identifying information, you presented.  Thus, you can change your personal identifying information by entering your account via "My account" section of the webpage, also via sending a letter to contact@gasa.ge, where you have to indicate your name and the information you would like to change.  

We ask you to update your personal identifying information if you amend it. You are entitled to request deletion of the information on your account. But as we watch your previous transactions, you cannot delete the information on the webpage which is connected to the previous transactions. Besides, it may be impossible for us to delete your entire information, as we reserve the information from time to time. Your credit card information is not kept on our webpage, but it is placed at secured page supported and managed by our partner bank. The latter has own information security policy, which is beyond our control.  

6. Customer's choice on collection and usage of the information

As it was mentioned above, you can always abstain from presenting the information. Though, it may become necessary if you participate in any activity on the webpage.  

From time to tome, we shall send administrative and advertising e-mail, serving as the precondition for purchasing our products and service. 

We shall send the information regarding your account activity, purchases and updated offers of our products and services.  You cannot refuse on administrative e-mail. Administrative e-mail refers to the costumer's activity on the webpage and includes the e-mail referring to the account of the specific costumer, requests and questions sent to us, issues regarding the purchase of the products and services. Unlike administrative e-mail, advertising e-mail is optional. Advertising e-mail advertises our products and service, including special sales and other offers, and/or the products and services of our advertisers and partners. If you don't want to receive our advertising e-mail, you can unsubscribe by sending a letter on contact@gasa.ge at any time after the registration or by clicking the relevant button under our e-mail. Please provide your full name, address, e-mail and information that you are unsubscribing from our advertising e-mails.

7. Information security    

We use reasonable measures to protect the personal identifying information received from our customers. Your personal identifying information is accessible via password and e-mail. Password is coded. We advice not to disclose your password. Besides your personal identifying information is saved on the server, being accessed only by the relevant personnel and contractors. We do not own any information regarding your credit card and we have no access, as such information is controlled by our partner bank.

Unfortunately, any data transfer via internet or wi-fi cannot be absolutly and extremely secure. We use reasonable measures for securing your data and contact such organizations providing the same. Though we cannot guarantee the security of information provided to or from the webpage and we do not bear responsibility for the actions of the third parties, receiving any similar information. 

8. Data tracking  

Cookies - For promoting you to use our webpage and modify it for your needs, we have placed cookies in your computer. Cookies is a small text file for saving records on costumer's computer, containing information on specific costumer. We are using cookies for saving your time while browsing the webpage, remind ourselves about your identity and supervise the interests of the customer for providing costumer-targeted performance.

Cookies also provide us to have general identifying information such as visited webpages and the links you've clicked on.  This information helps us to create customer-oriented webpage. Besides, we may use third party advertisers, for placing the ads on our webpage. The said entities may place separate cookies on your computer, which is the part of their service. We do not have access on these cookies and is beyond our control. Present information security policy applies on the cookies of our webpage and doesn't include the cookies of the advertisers. Most of the browsers automatically receive the cookies, though you can set the settings of the browsers and thus ignore the cookies. Please consider that if you do not receive the cookies or delete them, some parts of the webpage shall not function properly.

Other tracking tools. We can use other standard technologies, such as Pixel Tags and Web Beacons for tracking your activities on other webpages and promo actions or we can allow the third party service providers to use these tools on our behalf. Pixel Tags and Web Beacons are small graphic images that are placed on specific pages of our webpage or e-mail.

These graphic images allow to verify whether specific action is accomplished or not. When you enter these pages or open or click our e-mail, Pixel Tags and Web Beacons receive general identifying notification on the action. Pixel Tags and Web Beacons helps to improve our impression and evaluate the actions of our visitors, estimate our ads and achievements. We can also use Pixel Tags and Web Beacons our marketing partners for the same purposes. 

9. Third party webpage information security policy

Present information security policy refers to the usage and disclosure of the information we receive from you at www.gasa.ge. Other webpages you are entering through our webpage are having their own information security policy, including usage and disclosure rules.  If you connect to the webpage we ask you to read the information security policy. We are not responsible for the activities of the third parties.



10. Other issues of the information security

Children under 13 are not allowed to access GASA webpage. We intentionally do not keep or collect information from the individuals under 13. Protecting of the personal information of children are extremely important for us. Thus, if we know that our costumer is under 13, we take relevant measures to delete the personal information of the individual from our database.

We advice the children from 13-18 acquire the consent of the parents before placing your personal information on the internet. By using GASA webpage, you acknowledge that you are over 18 or you are minimum 13 and you have the consent of the parent or supervisor to access GASA webpage.

Public spaces. We can allocate public spaces on our webpage, where you can publicly place the information about you, including communication with others via forums or blogs, browsing of the products and restaurant, sending of the content.

This information will be available for other costumers and organizations and it may appear on other webpages and internet search engines. Thus, others can read, collect and use this information. For example, if you insert your e-mail while publicly commenting on any restaurant page, you may receive undesirable e-mail.

We cannot control whether who reads the webpage publicly or willfully placed information and how it will be used. Thus, please be careful while placing your personal information publicly on the webpage.  As usual, we acquire permission from the costumer, before inserting his/her name along the comment.

Facebook Connect    

GASA webpage allows the costumers to enter "Facebook Connect", giving them opportunity to connect with friends and share information via Facebook walls and friends newsfeed.

If you are registered on GASA and Facebook, you can click "Facebook Connect", both of your accounts shall join, unless you have indicated different e-mails while registering. If the e-mails do not coincide each other, we shall ask you whether you wish to link them or not. Then you shall enter the password for confirming that Facebook is controlling the said account. If you are registered only on GASA and you are clicking "Facebook Connect", you will be offered to create Facebook account. If  you continue you are authorizing GASA webpage to access your information and thereby you are accepting Facebook access conditions while using GASA webpage. And vice versa, if you are not registered as GASA costumer presently and you click "Facebook Connect", you will be asked to authorize Facebook or to register on Facebook and then join GASA webpage.   

As soon as you are registered on GASA webpage and connect to Facebook, you can immediately place your updates on Facebook. You can switch off Facebook connect at any time by visiting "My profile" and clicking on the "My Facebook profile". 

11. Contact

Address: #27b Kavtaradze Street, Tbilisi

Tel: 032 2 400040

Email: contact@gasa.ge